The Thorn Ogres of Hagwood by Robin Jarvis. UK and US editions

Published in the United Kingdom by Puffin Books
  Published in the United States by Magic Carpet Books. Cover illustration © 2002 Tim Jessell
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Deep in the ancient forest of Hagwood, the dark forces of magic are gathering. The High Lady of the Hollow Hill is seeking to trap a thief who has stolen her most precious possession.

She has summoned the nightmarish thorn ogres to claw it back. But the High Lady has reckoned without the werlings - a little forgotten people whose magic of shape-changing has always kept them safe. Suddenly they are caught up in the High Lady's desperate hunt, and the terrible might of the thorn ogres is turned upon them. What can save the werlings now?

The Thorn Ogres of Hagwood is the first book in Robin Jarvis's magical and enthralling series, The Hagwood Books.

Robin Musings

'A walk in the woods was the inspiration for this story. There I was, happily trundling along, when I heard a commotion up in the branches overhead. Pausing, I saw a lot of squirrels chasing each other and then the thought popped in from nowhere "what if one of them isn't a squirrel at all and only looks like one?" Pondering on that, I invented the werling people and their skill at wergling.

Of course, these folk needed an enemy to fight and when I came out of that woodland I found myself in a meadow where dark tangles of thorn grew. I had chanced upon the thorn ogres.

That was one of the most productive strolls I've ever taken!

Of all my characters, I think the one I identify with the most is Gamaliel Tumpin. His inept attempts at wergling was really me at school blundering about during P.E. and Games. It was good to redress the balance and make him the hero of this story, giving him a special skill of his own.

Watch out for the next in this series, "The Dark Waters of Hagwood".'


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