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The portrait of Brindle
he Beatification was a great and wondrous miracle. When folk awoke on that blessed morning, one hundred and seventy five years ago, they discovered a completely different world to the one they had known. The lands had been uplifted, taken up into the great darkness and set amidst strange and unfamiliar stars.

The people believed they had been chosen to dwell nearer to the Almighty and marvelled at his great new design in which they were to live. Englandia now consisted of ninety three different isles, each covered by a protective firmament and connected by a gigantic linking chain. Travel between the floating islands was possible only by using the remarkable night boats, astounding vessels capable of sailing between the stars. At the beginning, many feared these wonders but their terrors were dispelled by the calm influence of the special ambassadors.

This strange race was unlike any ever encountered before and many believed they were sent by the Lord Himself to guide His people in the ways of His new kingdom. The special ambassadors instructed them in the art of night boat navigation and revealed the secrets of the mechanicals to the first masters of motive science.

They appeared to take great delight in everything they did but most of all, they loved life at court.
Elizabeth, the Queen, held many banquets and masques in their honour. For thirty years the ambassadors visited the uplifted isles, until one sorry day they departed and were never seen again. No one knows what became
of them or when they might return.

Now the people of Englandia and all the uplifted lands are alone and without guidance.

A special ambassador

The collision at Malmes Wutton

Many years pass before a stranger chances upon the uplifted isles. His name is Brindle, a balm trader from the unknown, distant sphere of Iribia.

As a blazing star his night boat thunders into the firmament of an insignificant Suffolk island. In the ensuing cataclysm he suffers terrible injury but, snatched from the threshold of death, the heavenly messenger vows to rid that isle of its greatest torment.
The reaping hook

Yet what is the Iribian's true purpose and what is the significance of his barbarous reaping hook? Is there an angel or demon in their midst?

The people of Englandia are beset by enemies. War is brewing. The hatred and ignorance of the old world has taken deep root within the blessed lands and a terrible conflict between good and unparalleled evil is about to commence. The wary peace will soon be shattered forever.

Brindle (sketch)

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