The Deptford Mice - Oswald

'Oswald should have run but his legs wouldn't respond. He stayed there and whimpered, stricken and frozen. Through a rent in the cloth he saw Piccadilly's urgent face calling him, but it was no use. He was rooted to the spot.'

From The Dark Portal

A year after his friends Arthur and Audrey, Oswald Chitter was born on the 11th of June to Arabel and Jacob. Although no one pays any attention to the ridiculous claims of the Rat Zodiac, Master Oswald was a very frail and sickly albino runt.

The Sign of the Mouse


Always a sensitive youngster, he was prone to illness and fussed over by his mother a great deal. She made him wear scarves and gloves even on warm days, much to his embarassment. Oswald's great talent was in the art of dowsing. By using a forked hazel twig, he could find lost objects.
In this way he was able to venture into the dark, dangerous sewers to recover Audrey's mousebrass.

During the terrible year when Jupiter was deposed, the albino mouse proved his worth many times. He was however doomed to eternal dark and never came of age.

The Claws of Fate

The Sign of Bravery and Courage

Oswald Chitter, hero of that desperate time was posthumously awarded the mousebrass signifying courage and bravery by the Green Mouse himself.

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