Published in the United Kingdom by Harper Collins Children's Books,
July 2012

shrunken head from the Separate Collection

'In the sombre darkness beyond the lamps and candles, indistinct shapes and shadows were moving and Edie's eyes glittered as a broad grin lit her face.

"The Separate Collection," the girl whispered joyously. "It's comin' to life." '

In a grimy alley in the East End of London, the forbidding, turreted edifice that is the Wyrd Museum is wreathed in midnight mist. Pale fingers of moonlight tease through the enshrouding swathes, painting unpleasant, mottled dapples upon its silent watchful walls.

Yet the tranquil scene is marred by the gaping wound to the grand Victorian entrance.

One of the bronze figures that once flanked the imposing, oaken door now lies shattered upon the ground - a testament to the violence which has occured many miles away.

One of the three controlling Fates of humankind lies slain and the ancient chambers of the Wyrd Museum echo with grief.

Even as Neil Chapman and little Edie Dorkins make their weary journey back from the battle-raged Glastonbury Tor, things within the Wyrd Museum are already beginning to stir. Someone has come to disturb the slumbering shadows and presently the gloom-filled collections will ring to the sound of unquiet footsteps as the spectral unrest mounts. Is Miss Ursula Webster to be trusted, or is she concealing yet another fatal secret? And just who is the mysterious ghost-hunter haunting their every move? Can the approaching darkness be averted or has the final doom descended on the world at last?

The Fatal Strand is the thrilling conclusion to the chilling trilogy, Tales from the Wyrd Museum.


'I wanted this to be the most frightening book I had ever written and did most of the work at night with appropriate music playing. The character of Jack Timms is one of my most horrible creations and one that I definitely would not like to meet on a dark night.

The theme of madness runs through the novel. The Webster sisters are descending into a hopeless senility, yet so is the museum and just about every character is deranged in one form or another, with the possible exception of Neil.

I thoroughly enjoyed awakening the forces pent up within those ancient walls and letting the museum's own history unravel into chaos. Hopefully the revelations near the end will have caught many readers off guard.

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