The Deptford Mice - Twit

'Twit was breathing hard. No one had ever known this mood in the little fieldmouse and the crowd gasped and wondered at the outcome. Twit's teeth flashed as he bared them and he put up his fist.

"You oughtn't to have done that," he shouted, trembling with emotion. "Try it again and I'll do fer you."

From The Crystal Prison

Warning! Plot spoilers below this point

William Scuttle - "Twit"

Master William Scuttle (Twit) The good natured fieldmouse was born on the 14th of May in the land of Fennywolde, to the delight of Gladwin and Elijah - his parents. When he was young, William's sweet, trusting temperament was mistaken by others for foolishness.

The Fennywolders believed he had "no cheese upstairs" and considered him to be a simpleton, even calling him by the unkind nickname, "Twit".

When he was given the Sign of the Fieldmouse, William received no more respect and so he decided to prove his worth by going to visit his mother's kin in Deptford.

The Sign of the Fieldmouse

There, he met his cousin Oswald and greatly enjoyed the company of the Brown family, especially Audrey whom he secretly grew to love. It was he whom the bats, Orfeo and Eldritch, desired to speak with. Then they flew him out over Deptford and to the Cutty Sark where he encountered the retired midshipmouse, Thomas Triton. William was a dead ringer for Thomas' long lost companion, Woodget Pipple, and so the midshipmouse took to him immediately and they became firm friends.

When Master Scuttle returned to Fennywolde, he faced many more dangers and finally earned the respect of the other fieldmice. Now he reigns there as King of the Field but has vowed to return to Deptford one day to visit his friends. His perils are far from over, one final ghastly decision awaits him before the end.

The Claws of Fate

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