"I been many places matey. Strange lands I've seen and stranger creatures I've met; I've seen foreign gods and heard the beat of pagan drums in the night....but I say I ain't never come across owt like the situation here. A living god down in the sewers and a blacker fiend you won't find all round the world...He's a dirty stain on the land and he's up to summat". Thomas knocked his pipe out on the shelf. "Time I found out what. Come on lad!"

From The Dark Portal

Originally called Thomas Stubbs, the seafaring mouse was born on the 23rd of September. As soon as he came of age and received the Sign of the Travelling Mouse, Thomas began his wanderings.

Thomas on board the Cutty Sark

Making his way to the sea, on a blizzard howling night, he was forced to take shelter with a community of mice in Betony Bank Farm. There he met the two greatest friends of his life, Woodget Pipple - and alcohol. With Woodget he sailed across the world and the two became embroiled in the hideous schemes of the Scale, the evil followers of Sarpedon, the serpent God.

Thomas adopted the name Triton in memory of Woodget, who often teased him with it after their encounter with the water maidens. After many years as a mariner, the midshipmouse eventually settled in Greenwich where the old Starwife eased his unhappy heart. Thomas Triton now lives on board the Cutty Sark, inside a hollow figurehead, with his wife Gwen.

The guilt he has carried since those early days has never left him and is a constant torment. Perhaps one day Thomas is fated to learn the truth and his conscience will finally be clear. Only the Green Mouse knows.

The Claws of Fate


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