The Scars (sign)
The Scars
14th June - 4th July

The Scars (star map)

After the humiliating time of "The Mouse", the zodiac moves into the house of Mabb and the moon enters the sign of "The Scars" also known as "Big Bleeder" and "Little Bleeder".

To have a birthday in "The Scars" is most honourable. Representing every injury gained in battle, this sign denotes a warrior who will not shrink from his duty and will fight to the last claw and fang.

During this time, if it rains on a night when there is no moon, it is said to be The Scars' blood which pours and to drink of "the weeping wounds" kindles and heightens a rat's hideous bloodlust.

Infamous Bleeders include:




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