Bluebottles (sign)
16th December - 28th January

The Bluebottles (star map)

Also known as "The Swarm", "Corpse Feasters" and "The Buzzing Stars".

A rat born in this time will revel in using others for his own gain and gleefully pounce upon those much weaker than themselves.

As flies dine off decay, so too will the Bluebottle Rat, for his palate will always prefer rotting carrion to fresh meat. Amongst rat society this is a fairly common sign and though it holds no great honour, it is still thoroughly respectable.

Few friends will such a creature make amongst its own kind, however strange rapports have often been struck between a "Swarmer" and other creatures of the same mind, like crows and ravens.

Infamous Bluebottle Rats include:


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