The Deptford Mice - Piccadilly

'There was no escape for them. Piccadilly whipped out his little knife and ground his teeth together, waiting for the first of the bloodthirsty monsters. He guessed that he would last for about thirty seconds - long enough, he thought if Morgan was leading them.'

From The Final Reckoning

Warning! Plot spoilers below this point


This cheeky grey mouse was born in the city on the 19th February, a year before Audrey and Arthur Brown. Piccadilly's parents were killed by an Underground train when he was young and this tragedy caused him to deny the existence of the Green Mouse, preferring instead to depend upon his own sharp wits.

He was one of the finest foragers in the immense mouse realm of Holeborn and when he came of age he was given the Sign of Hope which he duly threaded onto his belt along with his knife.

The Sign of Hope

Many believe that it was the Green Mouse who guided Piccadilly's steps to the sewers of Deptford that fateful Spring. It was down in those dark tunnels that he met Albert Brown and fell in love with Audrey. When he eventually returned to Holeborn, his natural abilities earned him the office of Minister for War.

Yet Piccadilly was not destined to remain in the city. His fate joined his young life with that of the barmy old rat Barker and took him back to Deptford where his faith in the Green was finally rekindled.

The Claws of Fate


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