The Peeler (sign)
The Peeler
16th February - 11th March

The Peeler (star map)

The moon leaves the house of Bauchan and enters that of Hobb with the sign of the Peeler.

Surely the most respected of all constellations, it has many other vulgar names: "Gutgorer", "Flabripper", "Bloodspike", "Lardshaver", "Giblet-render" and "Furtrimmer". The rat born now will never want for fresh meat - be it mouse or mole, stoat or weasel. They are expert hunters and can skillfuly skin the hide off the most unwilling of prey in a trice.

Such is the pride a rat will take in this birthsign that he will often cut off one of his claws at the wrist and replace it with a sharpened knife to make his peeling even more efficent.

Infamous Gutgorers include:


Wendel Macalatum, the stoat

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