The Realm of the Green Mouse (header)

Many of the locations for the Deptford Mice trilogy are
real places. If you look carefully behind the branches, bricks and flagstones, you might just catch a glimpse of The Green Mouse's realm...

In the past, Greenwich was known as the Greenreach or Grinuvicia. It was a perfect location for many of the dramatic events which occur in both "The Deptford Mice" and "The Deptford Histories". The park is an ancient site, swamped with history, boasting Roman remains and burial mounds.

Greenwich Park

Deptford Green

The gateway to the old church of St Nicholas is guarded by two stone skulls. It is within one of these crumbling sculptures that the spirit of Bauchan, the mischievous member of the Raith Sidhe is imprisoned, awaiting the time of his next summoning.

The Thames is a character in its own right and features in all three of "The Deptford Mice". Twit is flown above and into it by the bats, Jupiter's carcass is flushed from the sewers into its wide expanse (before it rejects him) and the city rats swim through it to Deptford.

The river

Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark is an old tea clipper in which Thomas Triton the midshipmouse dwelt with his wife Gwen. The ship will always be remembered by the mice of Deptford, for the last battle with Jupiter's spectral army took place on board and it is venerated by them because it was there that the Green Mouse appeared. Since those cataclysmic events, the proud vessel itself was partially destroyed by fire, but work is afoot to restore its former glory.

Local legend claims that, beneath the heath's empty stretch of land, hundreds of plague victims are interred. It was to this place that Morgan was directed by Jupiter and where Thomas and Twit witnessed the terrifying ceremony which followed.


The Observatory

Upon the dome of this building, Oswald and Audrey finally confronted the spectre of Jupiter, yet only one of them returned. Somewhere, below the observatory hill, lies the Starwife's realm but her squirrel sentries are always on duty.

This ancient tree was grown from the very acorn in which Ysabelle imprisoned the infernal spirit of Hobb. For many centuries the Great Oak stood, watching the history of London unfurl beneath its boughs. Elizabeth I danced around it and in later years when it became hollow the massive trunk was used as a lock up by the park's police.

The Great Oak
Eventually, however, a great gale ripped the tree from the earth and now its slowly rotting remains are fenced in by a railing. Remember, so long as the smallest part of the Great Oak still exists, Hobb cannot return.

St. Pauls

In the dome of the cathedral, the bats hold their secret councils and the four elders sit in wisdom. They were there before the Great Fire, in the towering steeple of the old, medieval cathedral in the time when Hrethel ruled them with the aid of his Great Book of Mystery.
The chamber of Hrethel still exists, deep down, below the foundations, through the layers of ash. When his followers finally discovered his treachery, he crawled into that bolt hole and perished, but not before cheating them one last time.

The old empty power station was the place where Jupiter's vengeful spirit made its abode and was turned into a cathedral of cold. The great building no longer exists, for it was destroyed in the calamitous events of that time.

Deptford power station
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