Glutted Sack (sign)
Glutted Sack
20th April - 18th May

Glutted Sack (star map)

Also called "Guzzelbag", "Scoffpurse" and "Gorger" this symbolises a rat's most basic craving, the lust for food.

Many times during his life, a rat will fantasise of a paradise dripping with the juices of over ripe and rancid delicacies to satiate his tainted appetite. This blissful realm is symbolized by "The Glutted Sack" where the drab realities of scrounging for left overs and licking slime from drains are totally forgotten.

The rat born at this time will always place the stuffing of his stomach and the satisfaction of his putrid taste buds above all else and so will prosper extremely well in sewer society.

Infamous Guzzelbags include:


Pigwiggen, the hedgehog


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