The Sign of the Maker

The Sign of the Maker

From the moment it is received, this sign confers dignity and authority upon the favoured mouse. This most respected and ancient of charms dates back to the time of the first mouse smith. In the deeps of legend, Wilfrid the Maker was taught by the Green Mouse himself to forge the original brass amulets.

From this early time every sign can be traced and mice still celebrate that wondrous teaching to this very day by singing the song of "Wilfrid the Maker" on the feast day of Wilfrid which falls on the 25th of March. Many games are played upon this day, most especially, the brass borrowing where youngsters of the family may have the honour of wearing their elders' charms until they are put to bed.

One of the traditional dances is "Looping the Brass" performed on the Cutty Sark by Walter Thistlewick and his lads. All brass makers are given this charm: Master Oldnose bore it, as did Isaac Nettle.

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