The Deptford Mice - Audrey

"I am Audrey Brown," She shouted proudly,
"and I know nothing of spells or dark magic; I place myself in the protection of The Green Mouse!"

From The Dark Portal

Warning! Plot spoilers below this point!

Audrey Audrey Scuttle (nee Brown), The daughter of Albert and Gwen Brown, and the sister to Arthur, was born on the 2nd January in the Skirtings of the empty house in Deptford. As a child, she was fond of dressing in lace and ribbons and was once given a pair of tiny silver bells by Twit which she loved to wear at the end of her tail.

Her life changed completely when the Green Mouse appeared to her during the Great Spring Festival and gave her the Anti-Cat Charm.

The Anti-Cat charm

Audrey was always stubborn but she possessed great courage and determination which drove her through the rat infested sewers to confront the terrible Jupiter.
Her special qualities drew the attention of the Starwife in Greenwich. That venerable squirrel sent her and Madame Akkikuyu to the countryside fields of Fennywolde where more dangers awaited.

When she returned to Deptford, Audrey was chosen by the Starwife to succeed her, a destiny that the mouse struggled against.

The Silver Acorn

Finally however, when she had vanquished Jupiter's malevolent spirit, Audrey took up the Silver Acorn, her badge of office, and became the new Starwife. Now Audrey sits upon the living throne in Greenwich where she has reigned wisely for over ten years.

Fate decrees that she will not remain the Handmaiden of Orion for very much longer. A deadly, unholy terror is already waking and growing mighty. The labours and trials of Audrey are far from over for, it is written that the world will be plunged into a blood drenched darkness. Once again she will be forced to battle evil in one final, desperate struggle.

The Claws of Fate

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