The Deptford Mice - Arthur

'Now the corn stems seemed to hem Arthur in and the whole place took on a sinister aspect. His skin began to crawl. He gulped and gazed around fearfully. What if the murderer was still there somewhere, hiding and watching him? What if even now it was coming to get him?'

From The Crystal Prison

Warning! Plot spoilers below this point


The brother of Audrey was born on the 2nd of November, to Gwen and Albert. Although his fame will forever be diminished in comparison to the brilliance of his sister, Arthur has achieved a great deal. A little greedy, he is steadfast in friendship and never backs away from a fight.

His mousebrass is the same as his father, three tails together - the Symbol of Family. During the dramatic summer in Fennywolde Arthur became a sentry of the field and would have been content to remain there had it been possible.

The Sign of Family

He was, however, fated to return to Deptford and, when the unclean spirit of Jupiter departed, he lived on the Cutty Sark with the other mice.

Yet Arthur is not destined to remain there. Discontented, he will lead a large company through the sewers to the deserted underground realm of Holeborn in the City. There he will rule as Thane and marry Nel Poot. It is with their children that the hope of the world will reside.

The Claws of Fate

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