The Deptford Mice - Madame Akkikuyu

"Hmm," considered Akkikuyu. "Well, my mouselet, there is nothing that can protect you from Jupiter. Rat god will have you; so sad for one so young." She kicked the glowing embers off the ledge into the water below...'

From The Dark Portal

Warning! Plot spoilers below this point

The fortune teller was born in Morocco under the
Sign of the Vagabond
, according to the Rat Zodiac, and was never content remaining in any one place for too long.

The Sign of the Vagabond
Madame Akkikuyu crystal-gazing

In her youth, Akkikuyu, or Kiku as she was sometimes called, was a pretty rat maiden and turned the heads of many foul flea bags.

For a short while she worked in the low Singapore den known as the Lotus parlour, under the watchful eye of Ma Skillet.

Then, when Simoon the prophet was overwhelmed by the High Priest of Sarpedon, she stole his belongings and took up the career of fortune teller. Eventually her paths led her to Deptford where at last she experienced true clairvoyance but was driven out of her mind by the terror of Jupiter.

Her destiny however was entwined with that of Audrey Brown and together they travelled to Fennywolde. There Madame Akkikuyu was hailed as a heroine by the fieldmice but she was secretly tormented by the voice of Nicodemus, a spirit trapped in limbo.

All Akkikuyu ever wanted was to run away with Audrey and find rest in the summer sunlight. It was a wish which was eventually granted but at a terrible cost to herself.
The mice of Fennywolde have never forgotten her.

The Claws of Fate

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